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Good. Better. Best started out about as grass-root as you could get.  I was sitting around a conference table talking story with some small business owners when they brought up struggles they were experiencing.  Many of them were in the first few years of their companies and were still trying to 'figure it out'.  They were struggling with efficiency in their workplaces, development of websites, and employee relationships.  We spent the next couple of hours taking my experience working for a larger company and applying those principles to their budding businesses.  This brief interaction and many subsequent ones fueled a passion in me, that I didn't even know existed.  I truly just wanted to help other entrepreneurs take their dreams and make them a manageable reality.  From there, Good. Better. Best was born.  Our company's name defines what we strive to achieve.  A constant and purposeful movement forward.  We want to go from good, to better, to best, together. 

Margaret Rogers


A letter from the owner

Our Company at a Glance

Good. Better. Best

Good. Better. Best is dedicated to helping small businesses see their dreams become reality.  We are focused on ensuring that every interaction with our clients is valuable and meets their needs.  From a family of small business owners, we know first hand the difficult road going out on your own is.   Our mission statement is simple but powerful, we're here to help!  Whether through a workshop, direct consulting, or through mentorship we're here to help our clients go from good, to better, to best, together.

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Good. Better. Best