Social Media Management

Tackling the social media market can make anyone feel socially awkward.  Business' now have to master Facebook campaigns, 'Insta' shots, tweets, snaps and pins.  The social marketplace is still the number one for attracting new clients and keeping engaged with current ones.  Being socially relevant takes more than an occasional tweet, or a like on Facebook.  It takes thoughtful consideration and a strategic plan, without this your social significance will fade into the same place as MySpace.  We offer varied solution options to help you conquer your virtual woes.  From full management, giving you a total hands-off experience, strategic planning, helping you set your course, or basic training to allow you to conquer the world on your own.  Whatever your path, contact us today to set up a social media consultation. 

Management and Leadership

Why, no being a leader doesn't always come naturally and management can be awful.  Being 'in charge' isn't all its cracked up to be and if you don't have anyone to help turn the ship around it can be downright impossible.  Good. Better. Best uses our decade of management and leadership experience to help teams align with each other again, to provide training in management success concepts such as how to set expectations, time management and employee relationship building.  We also offer leadership skill building on leading without authority, leading up and taking care of yourself as a leader.

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Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning must go further than sticky notes on computer screens and full yellow notebooks.  Strategic planning defines your business' path and ensure that each employee has their sights on the same goal.  Businesses that develop a strategic plan and harness strategic alignment can turn a company around and reach goals they never thought possible.  Designed with a cascading structure of goals, objectives, and tasks an overwhelming goal can become manageable and more importantly obtainable.  Strategic planning takes focus, hard work, open communication, and commitment to see it through.  Good. Better. Best helps facilitate the planning process and provides a well documented plan that can be shared amongst stakeholders within the company.  An idea without a plan, is just a dream.  We help make dreams come true.

...and Much More

Good. Better. Best doesn't stop there.  We are capable of providing consultation in a wide variety of ways, including administrative, promotional and marketing, operational, and compliance.  If your company could use a little help in any area of business, Good. Better. Best is here to help!  With reasonable rates and a commitment to our customers we hope to build a beautiful working relationship with our clients.

Good. Better. Best

Process Improvement

Process improvement is about taking the frustration out of everyday tasks.  It's about making time in an already packed schedule to get the things that really need done, done.  Trained in Lead Six Sigma theory, Good. Better. Best specializes in working with your front line workers to develop and implement innovative solutions to every day problems.  These tactics have been proven to increase efficiency, decrease employee frustration and save companies a buck or two.  Process improvement doesn't have to be done after a bad process is put into place.  Using the Design for Six Sigma approach, our clients can benefit from lean six sigma benefits before a process is even in place.  Trust us, there is a better way, and we can help you find it.  Contact us today for a process improvement consultation.  There is no process too big, or too small.

Small Business Consulting and Coaching